Shopping centre

    What to do in Lõunakeskus?

    Tartu shopping centre Lõunakeskus is the biggest shopping centre in South Estonia, which offers great recreational activities for the whole family.

    Services provided by Lõunakeskus:

    • Numerous shopping opportunities – at the moment, there are 160 shops in Lõunakeskus
    • MyFitness Sports Club
    • Ice arena
    • Apollo cinema
    • AHHAA 4D adventure cinema
    • Apollo cinema
    • Adventure park with climbing walls
    • Golf simulator
    • Free express bus to Lõunakeskus (Hotel Sophia – Lõunakeskus – city centre)
    • SOL dry-cleaning
    • Car-wash
    • Child care
    • Pet store
    • Maternity clinic
    • Massage
    • Tropical Beauty salon
    • Chrystallo Massage salon
    • Photographer (Photopoint)
    • IT maintenance (Klick, ITshop)
    • Watchmaker/goldsmith/engraving/glass frame repair (Goldtime)
    • Mobile phone repair (Telepoint)
    • Bicycle and ski maintenance (Sportland, Rademar, Hawaii Express)
    • Phone and communications services
    • Shoemaker
    • Sewing shop
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